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Board Members

The Deer Brook Civic Association Board members are elected by the general membership and serve a term of 2 years. Listed below are the positions on the executive board and their general duties.



Dave Hill

Duties: Presides over DBCA meetings, initiate actions or projects

Vice President                                     

Peter Perno

Duties: Capital improvement planning, insurance, bylaws


Rosemarie Fitzpatrick

Duties: meeting minutes, Deer Brook directory


Greg Gatesman

Duties: Maintain bank accounts, budget, taxes

Director of Civic Affairs


Duties: reports township and school business

Membership Director

Lisa Bannon-Benjamin

Duties: maintaining resident database, dues payments

Pool Director

Donna Hill

Organizes pool facility related functions

Sports & SoCIAL Director

Suzy Barclay

Booster Club Director

Brian Shuff

At Large Representatives

Kelly Clark

Brian Bonelli

Brian Broderick