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Area Delegates

Area delegates are volunteers who share DBCA information with their neighbors and alert the DBCA to any neighborhood concerns or suggestions. Delegates also assist with membership activities. Delegates are an excellent resource for our new neighbors so please reach out to them for any questions about the DBCA.


Area 1

All of Green Briar Ln., All of Cedarbrook Ln., 4-16 School House Dr.

Delegate: Darren Connor 11 School House Drive


Area 2

217-39 School House Dr.

Delegate: Mary Mesisca 32 School House Dr.


Area 3

101-116 Pine Valley

Delegate: Terry Bower   107 Pine Valley Dr.


Area 4

All of Laurel Oak Ln., 117-132 Pine Valley Dr

Delegate: Meghan Pembleton105 Pine Valley Dr.


Area 5

540-49 School House Dr., 196-215 Sunny Jim Dr.

Delegate: Rosemary Fitzpatrick  206 Sunny Jim Dr.


Area 6

All of Clubhouse Dr., 301-322 Tavistock Dr

Delegate: Lynne Nugent  4 Clubhouse Dr.


Area 7

323-345 Tavistock Dr

Delegate: John Sears 253 Sunny Jim Dr


Area 8

101 Iron Rock Dr., 346-363 Tavistock Dr.

Delegate: Rich Bucko   363 Tavistock Dr.


Area 9

364-388 Tavistock Dr.

Delegate: Jill Bialous   388 Tavistock Dr.


Area 10

253-273 Sunny Jim Dr

Delegate: Teri Fisher    269 Sunny Jim Dr.


Area 11

All of Indian Spring Ln., 240-252 Sunny Jim Dr.

Delegate: Carol Minder    110 Indian Spring Ln.


Area 12

216-239 Sunny Jim Dr.

Delegate: Deb Shuff    216 Sunny Jim Dr.